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Pure Power Plant SeedsPure Power Plant, also known as PPP for short,is a Sativa-dominant cannabis seed strain created by blending some of the finest marijuana strains that southern Africa has to offer. Giant landrace varieties such as Durban, Swazi and Malawi were combined and re-combined to make the most of their large yields and cerebral high, until the offspring surpassed any of the parent strains.

Be warned, SEEDS-R-US does not recommend Pure Power Plant as a good strain to buy for anyone with a confined grow space! During the flowering period, Pure Power Plant can triple or quadruple in height. This leads to exceptional yields, especially from a ganja type with so much Sativa in its makeup.

SEEDS-R-US Pure Power Plant grows long yet sturdy branches to support the elongated buds that develop in a visible spiralling formation around them. The high is very strong and sociable, making it an excellent smoke for talking, laughing and enjoying company - it's no surprise that PPP still turns up on Amsterdam coffeeshop menus!

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