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Swiss Miss SeedsSwiss Miss is a mostly-Indica marijuana hybrid with a very short flowering period and a heavy yield. She's a seed-strain with roots in several high mountain ranges – from the Alps to the Hindu Kush and Himalayas.

Swiss Miss was bred in the Swiss Alps from a very early Afghan-Skunk, a North Indian cannabis cultivar and an ancient hash plant from Nepal. This is a great choice to buy if you're looking for something quite rare and exotic, yet able to thrive under basic grow conditions, and is a definite SEEDS-R-US favourite.

Swiss Miss can flourish at high altitudes as well as she can at sea-level. This strain can withstand significant temperature shifts between hot days and cool nights and is fungus resistant, which overcomes the problems that can be caused by night-time condensation.

Swiss Miss is also perfect for growing in any location where the summers are shorter and colder. Buds are large, solid and heavy, with a pleasant sweet-orange scent and taste; their effect is smooth, warm and mellow.

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