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Indoor Mix SeedsOur Indoor Mix cannabis seed pack is the best way to sample some of the world's finest Indica-dominant strains without having to buy a lot of different packs! This enviable assortment of prime genetics contains seeds for some of the stoniest weed around, including famous names and award winners such as Master Kush, Afghan, Northern Lights and Skunk #1!

Indoor Mix is a brilliant way to enjoy variety in what you're growing and consuming, without having to worry about plants in the same grow space having wildly different growth patterns. As all the types of ganja in the Indoor Mix are mostly-indica varieties, they will all have roughly the same flowering period and will be ready to harvest at about the same time.

Our commitment to bringing good cannabis seeds for the cheapest price is one of the reasons for our Indoor Mix having such an affordable price! Not only can experimental growers and indecisive novices benefit from the mix of Indicas in this seed pack, but everyone can have fun trying to guess which variety each plant is!

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