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Master KushMaster Kush is a classic, mostly-Indica cannabis hybrid which produces a heavy yield. It can be cultivated indoors in soil or hydro systems, in a greenhouse or outdoors in a reasonably warm climate.

Master Kush is a very powerful plant in terms of both vigour and potency. It finishes at medium height and produces strong lateral branches which quickly become weighed down with solid, highly resinous buds. The robust nature of this weed type means it will bounce back from most common grow problems experienced by beginners, making it a good choice to buy for first time gardeners.

This version of the Master Kush seed-strain was developed from a number of old-school Afghani Kush plants in one of the tall apartment buildings in the south of Amsterdam (which earned it the nickname ‘High Rise’). The coffee-shops instantly fell in love with this potent hybrid; it has been featured on hundreds of menus over the years and you can still buy it in Amsterdam today.

The earthy-spicy-sweet flavour of Master Kush is strong when sampled, while the smoke is both smooth and mind-bending!

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