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Skunk #1 SeedsSkunk #1 is the original heavy yielding Indica-Sativa cannabis hybrid! Many gardeners choose Skunk #1 when deciding to buy weed seeds for the first time, and for good reason. This ancestor of nearly all indoor cannabis strains is as easy to grow, robust and vigorous as it was back in the early 1980s when it first reached Europe. SEEDS-R-US Skunk #1 is also extremely versatile in terms of grow environment, and can thrive inside, a greenhouse, or outside in areas with fairly warm climates and a good amount of sun.

It's hard to imagine a world before a stable hybrid perfectly suited to indoor growing even existed. Skunk #1 revolutionized the potential of indoor grown cannabis with its groundbreaking combination of Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold and Afghani genetics. It took first its birthplace of California, and then the rest of the world, by storm and is still a force to be reckoned with today.
SEEDS-R-US Skunk #1 has a short flowering time and doesn't display a lot of variation in phenotype, making it a crop that's easy to manage and reliable in both growth and yield.

The sweet smell of classic Skunk #1 increases as the fat buds develop, and once they are cured the full flavour can be enjoyed even by gently squeezing the buds. The effect is a giggly, potent high that should not be underestimated!

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