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White Rhino SeedsWhite Rhino is a mostly-Indica cannabis hybrid that's capable of producing a first-class harvest even in the hands of a novice grower. If you like White Widow but prefer a heavier, more relaxing stone, then we recommend you White Rhino as a good option to buy.

This cannabis seed variety is a powerful cross-breed made by pollinating a selected White Widow female with an extremely potent North Indian seed-strain which was preserved in the USA for many generations. Rhino's male parent shows an even more Indica-dominated growth pattern than the White Widow mother, making White Rhino a denser and more compact hybrid than Widow.

White Rhino's smoke is heavy, spicy and delightfully acrid, and feels quite similar to the smoke produced by high quality hashish. Its effect is a heavy, powerful body-buzz which comes on hard and fast, making it an excellent choice for use with bongs and pipes and for anyone who enjoys an immediate, powerful hit. This trait, coupled with its short yet very solid growth structure, gave White Rhino its name.

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