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Northern Lights SeedsNorthern Lights is a pure Afghani Indica cannabis seed-strain with a short flowering time, plus amazing production and potency.

As a parent plant for breeding new strains, the Northern Lights family is almost as popular as Skunk #1. NL has the same advantages of potency, yield and vigour, plus a much lower grow odour than any Skunk. A large proportion of high-power, high-yield cannabis hybrids gain those desirable qualities from the NL genes in their background!

Northern Lights has always been an extremely rewarding plant for indoor marijuana growers and can also be cultivated outside in a Mediterranean climate. This world-famous ganja is one of our favourites at SEEDS-R-US, and we recommended it as one of the best strains to buy for a reliable indoor crop with a fast turnover time.

Northern Lights has very short internodal gaps and produces thick clusters of rock-solid buds with excellent resin production. The smoke is full-bodied, sweet and acrid, with quite a subtle taste; many cannabis connoisseurs agree that NL’s main flavour is that of burning THC resin!

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