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Afghan SeedsAfghan is an original Indica cannabis strain with a heavy yield. It has a short flowering period and a high flower-to-leaf ratio. This variety produces masses of large resin glands which coat the buds and extend to the stems of its wide-bladed shade leaves.

This old-school seed-strain was originally imported from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and has since been selectively bred in Holland to create seeds to buy for indoor cultivation (though outdoor cultivation is also possible in a Mediterranean climate, where this weed type will grow into fat bushes in free soil or large pots). Afghan is one of the most important cannabis genotypes and has been used in the creation of many popular modern hybrids.

Afghan has a strong, acrid aroma, with distinct notes of earth and incense and sweeter undertones. The smoke is thick and heavy with a strong, sometimes soporific buzz. Novice consumers are advised to consider using this as a strain for evening use, or days when they have nothing important planned!

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