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Northern Lights x Big Bud SeedsNorthern Lights x Big Bud is a predominantly Indica cannabis seed strain with great commercial potential. We don't know anyone who has decided to buy this bulk-yielding hybrid and then regretted it! Vigorous, robust traits from both parents ensure that Northern Lights x Big Bud generally gives a trouble-free grow performance, although after harvesting you will need to make sure you have enough containers for the huge amounts of bud!

This cannabis variety blends the extreme potency of Northern Lights with the outrageous yield of Big Bud to make a marijuana hybrid which can deliver quality and quantity at the same time. It's a combination we love at SEEDS-R-US, and worth every day of the flowering period, which is a more than reasonable length given the size that the chunky, crystal-covered buds develop by the end of it.

The smoke from Northern Lights x Big Bud is rich and heavy, often forming layers in the air during an extended smoking session. The taste is earthy, spicy Afghani - unsurprising for a ganja type with an Indica heritage this strong - with just a hint of Skunk.

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