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Top 44 SeedsTop 44 is one of the fastest flowering cannabis varieties available to buy at SEEDS-R-US, or indeed anywhere! If conditions are favorable and the gardener already has a little experience in creating the ideal environment, Top 44 can flower in just over 6 weeks, or 44 days - hence the name! An Indica-heavy hybrid with a good dash of original Skunk, this reliable bulk bud producer has made a lot of people very happy over the years, and continues to find new fans among commercial and personal growers alike.

Top 44 is also highly recommended for novice and beginner level gardeners - not only is it a robust and vigorous weed type, it's also rewarding to see such great results in such a short space of time. SEEDS-R-US has found Top 44 to do very well in small grow spaces, such as closet - size indoors or south-facing, sunny balconies outdoors. The growth pattern is more bud-on-a-stick than bush or tree so Top 44 does well when grown using the Sea of Green technique.

When consumed, the classic flavour of Skunk can be tasted along with pepper and spice; the effect is penetrating, relaxing and long-lasting.

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