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New Purple Power SeedsNew Purple Power is a Sativa-Indica hybrid which produces an excellent yield of resinous buds in a relatively short flowering time. This colourful hybrid is descended from a Haze with strong Thai and Columbian influences, an Afghani cultivar and a very early-flowering Dutch Skunk.

The first purple cannabis varieties to arrive in Europe in the late Eighties came straight from the West Coast of the USA. These new strains of ganja immediately gained popularity, thanks to their exotic colours and flavours - not to mention their powerful effects! However, those first imported seed-strains weren't suitable for outdoor growing in the north, so breeding work soon began on true purple marijuana varieties that could flourish in a cooler climate.

New Purple Power is one of the successful outcomes of those breeding programs and it was soon noticed that the colder temperatures at the end of the northern outdoor season brought out even darker purple, red and blue colours than were seen in the US strains. This encouraged even more people to buy this exotic-looking new strain that could add a splash of colour to their gardens!

New Purple Power has a unique sweet-sour flavour. When smoked, it imparts an energetic ‘up’ high, followed by a long-lasting body buzz.

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