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Crystal SeedsCrystal is an award-winning mostly-Indica cannabis hybrid with a very heavy yield. It was created by crossing White Widow and Northern Lights - two world-champion marijuana strains. The result, as could be expected, are explosions of solid, rounded buds that begin at the internodes and grow along the branches, developing a thick, even coating of large crystals as they do so. Crystal is one of the whitest and most sparking types of ganja we've had the pleasure of seeing at SEEDS-R-US, and we're sure you'll love it too!

This potent marijuana variety has moderate height gain during the grow and flowering stages, and produces masses of mature flowers in eight to ten weeks. Crystal’s buds are large, solid and sticky, with a rich sweet-sharp aroma and a fast-acting, long-lasting high. It's also a great solution for lovers of Indica - dominant weed who just can't decide whether to buy seeds of Northern Lights or White Widow!

Crystal won the Best Seed Strain award at the 2002 Highlife Cup, and is a beautiful addition to any garden! Although mostly grown indoors, Crystal will also grow well outdoors in climates with a long, hot summer.

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