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Super Skunk SeedsSuper Skunk is what happened when some of the top breeders in the Netherlands decided to improve on a cannabis seed strain that had already changed the rules of how marijuana could grow: Skunk#1. A powerful hybrid with the same ability to grow and flower like an Indica yet deliver the uplifting buzz of a Sativa as its ancestor, Super Skunk from SEEDS-R-US is an outstanding refinement of the original Skunk.

In cool and temperate climates, Super Skunk gives its best performance when grown indoors, where the largest harvests and most potent effects will be obtained. Great results can also be achieved in greenhouses, especially if they get a lot of light. People who are lucky enough to enjoy a warm climate with long hot summers could also buy Super Skunk seeds to grow outside.

The classic flavour of Skunk #1 is even more intense in this turbo-charged newer variety. Sweet and pungent, the smell of Super Skunk seemed to permeate every Amsterdam coffeeshop from the late Eighties onwards, and it is still extremely popular today. The high is soaring and powerful, accompanied by a pleasant relaxation that avoids being sleepy or immobilizing.

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