Balanced Hybrid Seeds


  • Afghani Special (Feminized)

    Afghani SpecialThis Afghani Special® Feminized strain can be grown indoor as well as outdoor. Its ancestors are an old Afghani strain, crossed over with a new double Afghani. This indica has a strong sweet scent, the leaves are wide and dark green. It is a weed from the good old days.

    Inside flowering 6-9 weeks
    height. 105-135 cm yield up to 135 gram

    Outside flowering 7-10 weeks
    height: 250-300 cm yield up to 700 gram
    harvest end of September

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  • AK-48 (Auto-Flowering)

    AK-48SeedsThe AK family of seed strains has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the strongest and fastest-flowering Indica / Sativa cannabis hybrids available. People who buy AK-48 Automatic cannabis seeds are choosing for the best of both worlds; this heavy hybrid weed delivers a classic Sativa high effect when consumed, coupled with a recognizably Indica type of growth-pattern and yield (thanks to her Afghani genetics). AK - 48 Automatic is perfect for demonstrating the massive advantage of hybrid cannabis strains, as well as for producing new levels of relaxation and large clouds of fruit-flavoured smoke!

    This feminized auto-flowering version of AK-48 takes a swift and rewarding strain and makes it even faster and easier to enjoy. Vivid green buds with a solid, compact structure quickly form on the short bushy plants and develop a heavy frosting of juicy trichomes. The heavy, earthy flavour of her Afghani ancestor is sweetened with a spicy tang of mango and the effect is a thorough, long-lasting stone.

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  • All Available Cannabis Seeds At SEEDS-R-US!

    SEEDS-R-USSEEDS-R-US is the best place to buy cannabis seeds online. We offer a large selection of high quality cannabis seeds to choose from! We have the cheapest feminized seeds available to buy online, a large number of exceptional marijuana seeds at what are - for this quality - super low prices, and our dedicated team of ganja lovers committed to helping you have the best possible experience with our products! Skunk #1, Big Bud, Pure Power Plant, White Widow, Northern Lights, NYC Diesel... you’ll be certain to find the right pack of seeds for your needs!

  • Amnesia (Feminized)

    Amnesia SeedsOur massively popular Sativa-dominant hybrid Amnesia is now available in a reliable feminized version. Feminized Amnesia cannabis seeds produce a harvest that retains all the best traits of the regular version – a soaring psychedelic high, relatively short flowering time and great big yield.

    An initial hybrid was produced, boasting genetics from original Haze (lanky and low yielding but with a mind-blowing high) and a compact Afghani (bulky, resinous, with a strong stoned effect). To boost the sativa content into the stratosphere, this hybrid was back-crossed with powerful oldschool Thai – one of the ancestors of Haze. The spectacular result, Amnesia White, is so irresistible that we just had to create a feminized version, and fans of easy to grow Sativas have been rushing to buy it since it was released!

    Amnesia Feminized delivers a heavy harvest of long, solid buds coated with a generous layer of resin. Plants grow vigorously, but can easily be kept compact by triggering the flowering period after only a short time in vegetation.

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  • Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

    Auto-Flowering SeedsAutoflowering cannabis seeds created a total revolution in the way weed can be grown! By combining Ruderalis genetics with the finest existing marijuana strains, the good people on the cutting edge of cannabis breeding have created a selection of autoflowering seed strains that will surge into flower when they reach a certain age (usually only a few weeks) instead of needing a change in the light cycles to trigger the flowering period. Needless to say that autoflowering seeds have advantages!

  • Bahia Black Head (Feminized)

    Bahia Black Head (Feminized) This seed is from an artist from Rio who brought it out of Bahia crossed with a K.C. 606 male.

    Inside flowering 8 – 10 weeks 
    Height. appr. 80 cm, yield up to 130 grams

    Outside flowering 10 – 12 weeks 
    height. 2 – 2.5 m, yield up to 850 grams
    Harvest middle of August

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  • Brasil x K.C. (Feminized)

    Brasil x K.C.A plant, well suited for the indoor cultivation with a great production. The BRASIL x K.C.® Feminized has compact buds and a strong aroma The parents of this plant are MANGO VERMELHO from PARANAIBA BRASIL and K.C. 606.

    Inside flowering 9-12 weeks
    height Apr. 90 cm, yield up to 150 gram.

    Outside flowering 9-12 weeks
    height Apr. 1,5 – 2 meters, yield up to 750 gram.
    harvest end of October.

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  • California Special (Feminized)

    CaliforniaThis California is a strain that is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is descended from an original American California, crossed with Skunk. This variety has a great body.

    Inside flowering 7-10 weeks
    height. 100-130 cm yield up to 130 gram

    Outside flowering 6-11 weeks
    height: 250-300 cm yield up to 700 gram
    harvest end of September until half October.

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  • Cristal Limit (Feminized)

    Cristal Limit (Feminized)A very succesful variety for indoor growing. We have this specimen crossbred from Cristal with K.C. 606

    Inside flowering 6 – 11 weeks
    Height. appr. 95 cm, yield up to 110 gram

    Outside flowering 8 – 11 weeks
    height. 1.5- 2 m, yield op to 750 gram
    Harvest end of September

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  • Cristal Paradise (Feminized)

    Cristal ParadiseThis plant is descended from a imported Californian BB Skunk and a male Brasil. You will love his Huge buds and the real Brasilian taste.

    Inside flowering 6-9.5 weeks
    height. 90 – 130 cm, yield up to 120 gram

    Outside flowering 8-11 weeks
    height. 1.25-2.30 m, yield up to 800 gram
    Harvest September

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  • Cyber Cristal (Feminized)

    Cyber CristalThe Cyber Cristal® Feminized is a plant mostly used for indoor growing. The buds of this plant are covered with a bed of THC snow. This strain is short and compact, the taste is fresh and sweet.

    Inside flowering 6-8 weeks
    height. 110-125 cm yield up to 145 gram

    Outside flowering 8-11 weeks
    height: 190-225 cm yield up to 750 gram
    harvest end of September until half October

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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Feminized SeedsFeminized cannabis seeds are the result of one of the greatest advances in cannabis breeding: the ability to create a seed crop where every single seed will produce a weed plant bearing large, powerful, pungent buds. Although regular seeds have their own advantages, growing feminized seeds brings an end to the lengthy and tiresome work of removing the pesky males (which would otherwise pollinate the females, leading to them producing seeds rather than flowers). No need to wait until the plants begin to flower to make sure each is a female cannabis plant, you're good to go!

  • Haze (Auto-Flowering)

    Haze SeedsHaze Automatic combines the uplifting effect of Haze, the classic Cannabis sativa strain, with the useful auto-flowering abilities of Cannabis ruderalis and the more compact stature of Cannabis indica to create a new masterpiece of feminized marijuana breeding! Haze Automatic gives growers easy and satisfying yields of lush flowers with a fresh, fruity flavour and an active, cheerful high.

    Once upon a time, Haze varieties of cannabis were only grown by gardeners who could sustain their 16-24 week flowering period and cope with their soaring height, in the knowledge that their reward was usually a less-than-massive harvest of fluffy buds. It was the incredible, energetic, joyous cerebral high produced by these buds that made it all worthwhile. By reducing both the flowering time and the height of that preeminent Sativa, Haze Automatic auto-flowering feminized seeds make her sought-after effect attainable for many more cannabis cultivators, even those who need to buy seeds for growing outdoors in temperate climates.

    Instead of waiting for a change in light cycles, this amazing Haze hybrid begins auto-flowering after about seven weeks of vegetative growth, when plants are still quite small. The flowering period is around 55-75 days and by the time Haze Automatic is ready for harvest, she is generally only 90–120cm tall.

    Outdoors, the auto-flowering advantages of feminized Haze Automatic seeds allow plants to be harvested in September, sometimes even earlier if started at the very beginning of spring.

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  • Haze Special (Feminized)

    Haze SpecialThis variety was meant for indoor cultivation, but outside it can give good results as well. The ancestors of this specimen are a Nevils Haze, crossed with the KC 606. It is an early flowering plant wit a special Haze taste. Haze Special® Feminized won the overall ‘Dorset Weedcup’ in 2001. A Dutch Cannabis competition organised by a growshop owner in Dordrecht. Among the Attendees Eagle Bill, Nol van Schaik, Wernard Bruining, 420 Tours, Mountain High, Evert ‘de Verdamper’ and many more. 

    Inside flowering 6-9 weeks
    height. 125-150 cm yield up to 160 gram

    Outside flowering 8-11 weeks
    height: 225-250 cm yield up to 800 gram
    harvest end of September until half October

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  • Ice (Feminized)

    Ice SeedsIce Feminized is an Indica-Sativa hybrid with a very heavy yield. Indoors, this feminized cannabis variety is a good choice for people looking for a weed type to buy that works well in both hydro and soil systems. Ice Feminized seeds can also be grown outdoors in regions with a temperate or Mediterranean climate.

    With the Ice Feminized seed-strain, we have successfully united quality and quantity. Her ancestors include an old-time Afghani, a very special Skunk, classic heavyweight Northern Lights and the world-famous Silver Haze. An exacting selection process involving thousands of plants was used to isolate and reinforce the special balance of qualities found in this feminized hybrid.

    The buds produced by Ice Feminized are thickly coated with trichomes and have a very dense structure with a high flower-to-leaf ratio. Solid colas cover the upper sections of her main stem and branches.

    Her effect is stoney and heavy with a rich, sweet, resinous flavour which contains hints of a sharp, almost astringent aroma.

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  • Indoor Mix (Feminized)

    Indoor Mix SeedsOur Indoor Mix Feminized seed-pack contains a selection of different Indica-dominant cannabis strains such as White Widow, Big Bud, Northern Lights and Skunk #1, all in feminized versions that grow and flower like females!

    This assortment provides the grower with excellent seeds as well as a wide array of top-quality marijuana genetics, without the need to buy a lot of different packs of feminized cannabis seeds. Indoor Mix Feminized can bring any garden to life with an interesting range of beautiful plants which will all behave as if they were female. Due to their similar Indica growth patterns, all the seeds found in the SEEDS-R-US Indoor Mix Feminized can be grown and flowered in the same space and harvested around the same time, making them super-easy to cultivate while still providing an interesting range of variety within the relaxing stoned effects of the Indica spectrum.

    This top quality feminized seed selection is a great bargain and is suitable for adventurous growers and novices alike.

    Remember: variety is the spice of life!

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  • K-Train (Feminized)

    K-Train SeedsTrainwreck meets Kush in a colossal cannabis pile-up of the finest indica and sativa genetics! K-Train Feminized combines Kush, one of the oldest, most powerful and best-loved indica strains from the mountains of India, with Trainwreck, a relative newcomer from the USA with an impressive sativa-dominant profile. The result is one of the most talked-about recent cannabis hybrids that money can buy!

    K-Train Feminized delivers a long-lasting high – the sativa component is the most pronounced of her genetic traits and effects can last for several hours. Recommended as an easy-to-grow variety, K-Train Feminized seeds produce solid bushy plants with sturdy side branches that rapidly develop clusters of resinous buds.

    Aromas of orange and sweet citrus with an earthy undertone develop during the flowering period and come to full strength, along with the uplifting effect, after curing the buds. The smoke is smooth and satisfying, yet so powerful that novice consumers are advised to take care when riding the K-Train for the first time!

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  • K.C. 33 (Feminized)

    KC33A Dutch-strain, cultivated for years, we have crossed with Thai and Brazil male plants. KC 33® Feminized is further developed for outdoor growing, but is also indoor a Number 1. The buds are compact and have a lemon-fresh taste and produce double T.H.C. And now available as a feminized variety.

    Inside flowering 6-9 weeks
    height Apr. 100 cm, yield up to 130 gram.

    Outside flowering 8-10 weeks
    height 2.5-3.75 m, yield up to 900 gram.
    Harvest end of September

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  • K.C. 36 (Feminized)

    K.C. 36More production for every square meter! We keep the parents of this success-product as a secret. KC 36® Feminized is a short stocky plant that produces giant buds and is very productive. A true THC bomb.

    Inside flowering 6-8 weeks
    height Apr. 75 cm, yield up to 175 gram.

    Outside flowering 6-9 weeks
    height 1.75 m, yield up to 900 gram.
    harvest end of September until half October.

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  • K.C. 39 (Feminized)

    K.C. 39® (Feminized)This breed was created by crossing (1996) seeds from a Spanish friend with a K.C. 606 from 1999.

    Inside flowering 7 – 9 weeks
    Height. appr. 120 cm, yield up to 200 grams

    Outside flowering 8 – 11 weeks
    height. 2 – 3 m, yield up to 1000 grams
    Harvest middle of October.

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  • K.C. 42 (Feminized)

    K.C. 42® (Feminized)We have crossed New Zealands best from 1999 with a K.C. 639 male from 2001. VERY HAZY!

    Inside flowering 9 – 12 weeks 
    Height. appr. 170 cm, yield up to 150 grams

    Outside flowering 9 – 14 weeks 
    height. 2 – 2.5 m, yield up to 1300 grams
    Harvest end of October.

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  • K.C. 45 (Feminized)

    K.C. 45® (Feminized)The K.C. 45® Feminized gets his origin from a seed of a wild Russian plant that K.C. picked up himself in 2004. K.C. then crossed it with an early flowering K.C.33.

    Inside flowering 8-10 weeks
    height Apr. 110 cm, yield up to 180 gram.

    Outside flowering 10-12 weeks
    Height 2 meters, yield up to 700-900 grams.
    Harvest end of September.

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  • K.C. 48 (Feminized - Auto)

    K.C. 48® (Feminized - Auto)The K.C. 48® is a crossbreed between the Northern Light Special® and the K.C. 45®. This is an auto-flower breed, just plant the seed, water it, and 10 to 11 weeks later you can harvest.

    Inside total growing time 10-11 weeks
    height Apr. 70 cm, yield up to 80 gram.

    Outside total growing time 10-11 weeks
    height Apr. 70 cm, yield up to 80 gram.
    Harvest after 70-77 days.

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  • K.C. 51 (Feminized - Auto)

    K.C. 51® (Feminized - Auto)The K.C. 51® Auto Feminized is a crossbreed between the K.C. 33® and the Bahia Black Head®. The plant is very sticky and hazy, it is a mix between the K.C. 33® and the BB it is an Indica/Sativa strain. Please be careful with this one it is a very strong smoke. This is an auto-flower breed. Just plant the seed, water it and 10 to 11 weeks later you can harvest.

    Inside total growing time 10-11 weeks
    height Apr. 80 cm, yield up to 85 gram.

    Outside total growing time 10-11 weeks
    height Apr. 80 cm, yield up to 85 gram.
    Harvest after 70-77 days.

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  • Leda Uno (Feminized)

    Leda UnoLEDA UNO® Feminized is our prize winning strain that can be used for indoor and outdoor growing. The parents of this strain are KC 33® and a secret Brazilian female, after that it was crossed with a KC 606 early flowering male crossed with Leda®. A superior plant with lemon characteristics.

    Inside flowering 6-9 weeks,
    height Apr. 120 cm, yield up to 125 gram

    Outside flowering 8-10 weeks,
    height 2.5-3.9 m, yield up to 800 gram.
    harvest end of September.

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